Suzhou Nippo Business & Trading Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Nippo Business & Trading Co., Ltd.
We are a professional company specialized in metal parts machining. We established our invested factory in Suzhou in 2000. We focus on metal parts turning, milling, grinding and drilling, mould manufacturing, stamping and equipment assembling. We have been exporting to Japan, Europe and America for more than 6 years. We are equipped with various professional staff who are skilled in technique, language and trade. Most of our engineers have 40 years experience. We are certified as ISO9001:2000. Besides our invested factory, we have a lot of partner factories and raw material suppliers. All these advantages enable us to better balance your quality and price points. .
Michelle Wang
[86] 512 68669924 601
9/F, 999 Sanxiang Road
Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215004, China
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